How a Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Company

A positive presence on social media platforms is essential to having a successful business. social media can be much more than watching funny YouTube videos or chatting with friends. Individuals and businesses are making a profit by simply having awesome pages. Having a successful page is much more than just posting a picture or making a status every few days. If a business owner is not savvy in knowing how to navigate through social media sites, they can hire a Virtual Assistant or a Social Media Manager to help them.

Staying on Trend

A Social Media Manager gives a company an advantage over a company that chooses to not have one. One of the tasks of an SMM is to help the company stay current and build brand recognition. This involves researching new trends for that niche and keeping abreast of what is occurring across different platforms. Technology is everchanging. As a business owner, especially if the business operates solely online, you want to make sure your business is always at the forefront of new ideas.

A Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant?

You may say to yourself, aren’t these two positions one and the same? The answer is yes, and no. A person can be a Virtual Assistant that specializes in managing social media accounts or they can focus mainly on administrative duties. However, a Social Media Manager’s core role is to keep the social platforms up and running. Whether you want a VA whose key assets are social media or strictly an SMM would be your decision. Either way, whichever route you decide to take would bring validity to the company.

Money Saver

Hiring a virtual employee saves money in the long run. There is no office, so there is no light bill, office rental fee, etcetera. Also, by bringing on a freelancer you save on employee expenses, like employee insurance and other liabilities. A SMM also assists in keeping track of ROI,  also known as, return on investment. By being keen on the different metrics of Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy for the SMM to track what advertisements and campaigns are benefitting your brand. Thus, making it easier for you as the owner to track what key areas need more attention than others. It’s almost like having a marketing agent and social media guru all-in-one.

Attract New Clients/Customers

On numerous occasions, I’ve logged into my personal account and saw Facebook friends asking for recommendations for certain services. The same goes for my Twitter account as well. “Hey, who can recommend a photographer?” “What’s the best daycare?” Potential customers scour the internet for new businesses to patron. Much of the bunch aren’t jumping to Google anymore, instead, most of them are turning to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. A SMM or VA keeps the flow of the brand consistent with new content and customer engagement. This gains the attention of potential customers who are drawn in by the online visuals of the Social Media pages.

Hiring an individual to boost your online reputation is crucial for the future of your company. A positive online image will facilitate a new direction for your business. An expert in all aspects of Social Media is fundamental if you want your business to win. Social Media is now a must-have for a company, and an SMM or VA will make sure the job is done right.




Karimah Mitchell is a mother, aspiring author, and entrepreneur. She just started her own Social Media Management company called Mitchell Enterprises LLC. Her goal is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs have a positive online presence through various social media platforms.

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