Sarah Bowman Assisting Monthly Business Review Update- March 2018


One of the goals I have made for myself in my business is to journal weekly. It is a great way to keep me focused during the week. Not only that, It helps me come up with ideas when I’m writing my monthly business review. 

I can assure you that my to-do list is growing by the day, but writing in my journal on Friday afternoon has become one of my most favorite tasks of the week. Yes, at times it’s tedious but if I don’t take time to reflect, how will I grow? Plus it helps me remember what I did during those super busy weeks. 😉

So Whats Been Happening With SBA?

March overall was a great month. I acquired my first two clients and I am crazy about both of them. I have been able to work with them to craft their visions and turn them into a reality.

I am managing social media for one client, we have seen amazing growth with the launch of her Facebook business page. The second client, I have been named community manager and will be working with her to grow her business. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have really been focusing on growing my Instagram following this past month. I must say that Insta is its own beast… So many follow/unfollows, it can get frustrating! While I want my numbers to grow and I am pushing towards that goal, I am really focusing on engaging with people and building relationships. Long term, this strategy will pay off in spades. 

Overall though, I am proud of my results. In the month of March, I increased my followers from 172 to 438. This figure is derived from 77 posts that I made through the month. Overall, I am happy with this number. I have also been able to cultivate several relationships with other business owners, so to me, that is a huge win. 




Some other wins throughout the month

  • I completed a course from Udemy called “How to Write Killer Web Content That Sells”. I learned so much in this course and cannot wait to begin to implement it on my own site.
  • I Think I have found a calendar that I am finally happy with! It is a simple excel sheet that is seriously my lifesaver most days. (I’m not even fully utilizing it yet!)
  • Became much more comfortable with Trello and learning its capabilities!
  • Created some awesome content on my IG account.
  • Began to create a more streamlined workflow in Trello.


  • I didn’t network nearly as much as I wanted to.
  • Marketing my business was not as high of a priority in the second half of the month. I need to be better about this next month.
  • I wanted to have my website updated with the Udemy content. 

The upside to not completing the website upgrade and sales funnel in March they CAN and WILL BE completed in April. They will become a top priority for this next month.

Goals for April

for the month of April I want to achieve the following:

  • Find my third client
  • Double my IG Followers- (876 followers)
  • Finish my “Become a Pinterest VA Today” course. (The whole reason I started this journey! I want to offer this service by the end of my first quarter of being in business!)
  • Get my website updated with the new content. (This one may have to wrap up in May)


Looking back, March was a successful month. Many great things happened in the business and at home. We were able to enjoy some much-needed vacation time with my amazing hubby while we rang in his 32nd birthday.

Next month our little girl will be turning 2 and has chosen Cars as the theme for her birthday. I am not sure if I’ll share that here, leave me a comment and let me know if you want to hear about her party.

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