Marketing Yourself on Social Media With Ease

I read quite frequently in networking groups about people who are struggling to market themselves.  Providing great content to your audience can be tricky if you don’t have a plan in place. This week we want to share some great tips with you about marketing yourself online. Some of these items may be things you already know, but hopefully, we’ve included a few items that you can take away and use in your own business.

Create a Content Calendar

For many, if marketing isn’t your thing, creating a content strategy can be a struggle. The one thing I’ve learned sharing on social media is to keep it real with your audience. Once you find out what they like, run with it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your content calendar.

  • Theme weeks: This is a great way to fill up a calendar quickly. Choose a topic that you know really well; break it down into smaller chunks and provide value daily. (Note: You can create theme weeks or even a theme month!)
    • As you’re filling up your calendar, be sure to fill it with tips, videos, and blog articles that provide value and show that you really know what you’re talking about.
  •  Map out days to post specific things: Do you have specific days that specific things happen in your business? Maybe it’s a payday or promotion/rank advancement day. Do you like to have prompts to encourage engagement? Maybe share some motivation on Monday or some wisdom on Wednesday.
  • Do y0u have a new product you’re looking to launch or maybe a  discount you’d like to offer? Maybe you have a specific service you want to highlight. Plan your content around a package or discount a week or two before you launch. You will want to drop teasers as to what is to come to engage your audience and build suspense.

Your Content Calendar Complete, Now What?

Once your content calendar is complete, you can begin to create the assets that you want to share. Begin by brainstorming ideas for your blog, including 12 blog titles to match your content. You can use some of these titles later on when creating your social media posts to promote your blog across various platforms.

It’s important to include images in your posts. This will help grab the eye of your audience. Esthetically pleasing images that are aligned with your brand will grow the know, like and trust. Plan to share images daily. If you decide you would like to have theme days on your content calendar, you can create a simple template on a site like Canva or PicMonkey. You can reuse the same template and modify the wording to fit your needs. Here are a couple examples of how I have done this on my Instagram page.



As you can see, I have used the same wording, I have just altered and changed up the quote I used.

Schedule Your Content

After all of your images have been created, you will want to get them scheduled! For maximum visibility on Facebook, it’s best to schedule your posts directly on the platform. There are many different schedulers out there that will allow you to schedule your content ahead of time. I really like using Tailwind for scheduling my Instagram and Pinterest Pins. There are several schedulers out there, we recommend, checking them out to see what works best for you.

Creating a content calendar and scheduling it ahead of time to save you the hassle and stress of needing to do it every day.  This can easily be done by blocking out a few hours one day each month. If you have any questions about creating a content calendar, comment below or click here to fill out our contact form.






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