My First Month Running My Virtual Assistant Business

First mo running my va biz

I cannot believe my first month of being in business has already passed! It is true when they say (whoever “they” are) that time flies by in a blink of an eye when you are doing something that you love. Deciding to go into business was a big hairy, scary decision that I made back in September of 2017. I knew it would be hard and exhausting.  But there are so many great things that have come from it.

  • I have gotten my passion back. I now talk about things with excitement in my voice again.
  • The ability to help support my family.
  • I still get to be home with my daughter every day.
  • I have been able to network with some great people.
  • Most importantly, I have learned a ton about myself. I have found my determination again and have overcome my fears.

Every day has been a learning experience

There have been ups and downs this past month, thankfully nothing too crazy… Every day has been a learning experience. I have taken time out each week to document my wins and opportunities so that I can implement and learn from them the next week. I feel like my to-do list is growing every day. However, I am taking one day and one task at a time. I know Rome was not built in a day, nor will Sarah Bowman Assisting. 🙂 I want my company to be a long-lasting success. so I am ok with it not being perfect from the start.

Deciding to journal my experience was such a great idea. I am so thankful I decided to do it. Not only is it something that I can hold on to and look at years down the road, but it’s also something that I can use as a learning tool now. It’s great to jot down reminders and thoughts for future projects, but it’s also great for reminding me of things I need to do or have said.

Here are some thoughts from the past few weeks:

  • Pitching is never easy, but when you do, make sure that it is thoughtful without thinking.  (I know how this sounds, I’ll explain more below.
  • Great interactions on calls with potential clients, but remember even though you may be excited, there is no need to rush into a less than favorable agreement.
  • Pre-scheduling social media posts IS A MUST!
  • You can’t be everything to everyone. Yes, you may want to try to be, but you can’t. REEL IT IN GIRLFRIEND!
  • Limiting social media time daily will help you stay on track and get more things done!

While I have learned so much more, I thought I would keep it to a few tidbits. As I mentioned above, pitching to potential clients is hard work. You have one shot, so you want to make it perfect. But then your nerves take over, you begin to think you aren’t good enough. You end up never sending the pitch. This is something I have gone through several times. It is something that I know will get easier the more I do it. I have begun to take the approach of sending a thoughtful pitch without thought. This means that I do all of my research and I send a pitch like normal. I write out the email, I proofread and edit where it needs it and as soon as it’s in good shape I hit send. I don’t allow myself to think twice. If I did, imposter syndrome would show up and the pitch would never be sent.

Some things I have accomplished

  • Launched my business and website.
  • Wrote and published my first blog. Want to check it out? click here.
  • Signed my first client
  • Created all of my form needed to run a successful business
  • Have identified and began courting several new prospective clients.

The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned…

Finally and probably the most important thing I have learned in the past month is how important self-care is. I am totally guilty of being like every other woman out there, thinking that I can do it all and be everything to everyone. I can’t. Something has to give somewhere. So while I am still working probably more then I should and the stack of laundry is continuing to grow out of control, I am making sure that I am taking time for myself, even if it is just a few minutes a day to relax and do my own thing.

In Conclusion (because I haven’t thought of a quirky way to finish of my blogs yet), The past few months have been a blast. I’ve learned a ton, and am so excited to continue to learn and grow. I hope that you continue to follow me on my journey as I get more comfortable with this blogging thing and I continue to share little snippets about my business. Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “My First Month Running My Virtual Assistant Business

  1. Congratulations Sarah! Your post just happened along my newsfeed – while I have been doing a lot of “busy work”. I thought “what’s this – a virtual assistant – just started”… had to pop in and see your lovely blog. Hope things get even better. I’m sure you might be doing this. But on the 1st of the month – do a review. It’s really good advice (plus you can do or set in motion a million other things too!) 🙂

    1. My Goodness! I love this idea! I’m already documenting everything along the way, so this would be a great way to hold myself accountable! Thank you for the wonderful advice!

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